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Making a complaint

We work hard to ensure our Members act within the rules set by the industry regulators.

Please click on the following link and read our Code of Practice. If you think a Member has broken the rules of this Code you can make a complaint by downloading our Complaints Form.

Before making a complaint we would encourage you to carry out the following activities:


  • Go to the Members Directory and check whether the company you wish to complain about is a Member of the CSA. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us. If the company is a Member of the CSA then we are able to help you with your complaint.
  • On first instance, we recommend you contact the Member company to discuss any issues you have and enquire about their complaints process. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome then you can review our Complaints Procedure.
  • If you believe that the Member has acted in breach of our Code of Practice and the complaint meets the necessary criteria, please complete, sign and return the Complaint Form to our registered address.

CSA Complaints Procedure

 How we deal with your complaint.

All complaints must be submitted in writing, with a signed complaint form. We require the form to be signed so that we, and our Member, have the requisite authorisation to share information.

The following is the sequence of events after the CSA receive a complaint form;

  • CSA receive a signed complaint form
  • CSA register the complaint and send a copy to the relevant Member company
  • The Member is given four weeks to respond directly to the complainant
  • CSA get a copy of the response from the Member company
  • CSA considers both positions and determines whether the Code of Practice has been breached
  • Appropriate action is taken (if required) to remedy the situation
  • If further information is required the CSA contact the relevant party (the complainant or the Member company).
  • After a full review, the CSA provides a formal response to the complainant


If you remain unhappy with the outcome of the complaint, you may have justification to escalate the matter to our our head of compliance, Claire Aynsley,


Please note: The CSA can only intervene when;

  • a Member company is in breach of the Code.
  • the company is a Member of the CSA (we cannot act when the complaint is about the client of a Member company, a bank or building society for example).
  • the information supplied by a Member company appears from the facts to be incorrect.

Methods of Contact



Credit Services Association

Complaints Department

2 Esh Plaza

Sir Bobby Robson Way


NE13 9BA


Why the CSA need a signed copy of your complaint


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2017 Exhibitors: 



Credit Services Association

Gold Stand G1
The Credit Services Association (CSA) is the only national association in the UK for organisations active in the debt collection and purchase industry. The Association, which has a history dating back to 1906, has 300 member companies which represent 90% of the industry, and employ 11,000 people. At any one time its members hold up to £60bn for collection, returning nearly £3bn in collections to the UK economy per annum.
As the voice of the collections industry, our vision is to build confidence in debt collection by making the entire process clear, easy to understand and less stressful for all those involved.


Gold Stand 2
We are the conduct regulator for 56,000 financial services firms and the prudential regulator for over 18,000 of them.
We are responsible for regulating a sector which plays a critical role in the lives of everyone in the UK. From providing mortgages, pensions and financial advice to arranging capital investment, the activities carried out by UK financial markets enable the economy to function.

Credit Strategy
Silver Stand 1

A premium brand with a broad footfall in financial services, Credit Strategy serves a set of credit-related functions across a huge range of sectors. Simply put: wherever there’s a credit agreement, there’s a credit strategy.

Our community includes chief risk officers, chief credit officers and heads of collections, coming from creditors of all kinds: banks, consumer and commercial lending businesses across a number of verticals, power, water and telecoms suppliers, providers of trade credit, and public sector bodies.


Twitter: @Credit_Strategy



Money Advice Trust

Silver Stand 2

The Money Advice Trust is a national charity helping people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence. The Trust runs National Debtline, offering free, independent and confidential advice on personal debt over the phone and online, and Business Debtline, the UK’s only dedicated debt advice service for the self-employed and small business owners. The Trust has used this expertise to develop a training and consultancy service for organisations involved in lending and debt collection. We are specialists in vulnerability and mental health.


Twitter: @Money_Advice



Christians Against Poverty

Silver Stand 3

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is an award-winning charity helping people out of debt and poverty across the UK. CAP offers free face-to-face debt help, as well as tackling the causes of debt and poverty through The CAP Money Course, CAP Job Clubs, CAP Release Groups and CAP Life Skills. Working across the UK in partnership with local churches, CAP aims to offer the very best service to those with multiple-complex needs regardless of age, gender, faith or background.


Twitter: CAPuk



Silver Stand 4

Yakara is a specialist provider of cloud-based collections technology that enables credit management teams to make collections quicker and more cost-effective.

Our easy to use, fully automated collections service supports multi-media messaging campaigns sent directly to your customers’ smartphones and landlines. Our technology includes interactive voice response, text, web and mobile payments. We support a range of secure payment options including settlements, plans and collection cycle support.

Our clients have seen significant cost reductions and faster payment rates.

We deliver to industry standards and provide PCI DSS Level 1 certified secure payment processing.




Silver Stand 5

IMSolutions is a FinTech company which provides an automated digital debt collection solution called IM CollectionsSuite. Our tools enable companies to collect consumer debt faster and at a lower cost while increasing customer retention and satisfaction. 

We have made it our mission to bring digitalised consumer debt collection to the next level and drive innovation in collaboration with our customers.

We are proud to be working with customer retention and collection teams from various different industries such as financial services, retail, telecoms, utilities and insurance and look forward to getting to know you too.


Twitter: @IMSolutions_EN

Silver Stand 6

PayPoint is an industry-leading payments provider, delivering first class service to the customers of over 1,500 clients - utility companies, retailers, transport firms, mobile phone providers, government and more. Through our multi-channel platform, MultiPay, we offer clients streamlined consumer payment processing and transaction routing in one, seamlessly integrated solution. MultiPay enables organisations to reduce payment collection costs and provide more payment options for their customers; mobile app, online, text, phone/IVR and cash in-store.     Our UK retail network contains over 29,000 stores – that’s more branches than all banks, supermarkets and Post Offices together, putting us at the heart of communities for over 10 million regular weekly customers. 


Twitter: @PayPoint


Silver Stand 7

At Callcredit we empower information, transforming it into insights that help businesses and consumers. We enable businesses to build more productive relationships with existing and new customers, and help people to take control of their own financial future. With offices throughout the world, we work with business across sectors including financial services, retail, utilities, public sector and insurance. Our deep knowledge base allows us to conceptualise and develop innovative new software that brings data to life in new and exciting ways. This means, whether you are at work or at home, with Callcredit you can be confident in the decisions that you are making.


Twitter: @Callcredit



eg solutions
Silver Stand 8

eg solutions is a provider of enterprise workforce optimisation software, specialising in the back office. eg pioneered this new market space and developed the most complete, purpose built workforce optimisation software for back offices – the only solution that manages work, people and end-to-end processes wherever they are undertaken, anywhere in the world.

Using our forecasting, scheduling, real-time work management and operational analytics capabilities we deliver measurable improvements in service, quality, productivity and regulatory compliance. When supported by our implementation and training services we guarantee return on investment in short timescales. 

Our solutions provide true insight into the full customer service process.


Twitter: @egsolutions 



Computershare Communication Services (CCS)
Silver Stand 10

Computershare Communication Services (CCS) is a global business division of Computershare that provides multi-channel communication solutions and managed services to Computershare business divisions and external commercial customers. CCS provide communication services spanning the entire customer journey and specialise in integration of the customer and back office technology to create a seamless customer journey. As a regulated financial business, CCS has and continues to overcome regulatory challenges for both its business and its clients.


Twitter: @Computershare 



Silver Stand 11

Telrock is a global technology provider of SaaS-based digital customer engagement solutions. We help organisations engage with their consumers throughout the credit lifecycle, and we also provide enterprise-wide integrated collections and recovery solutions.

Key products include: “SmartService” for marketing campaigns, customer servicing and fraud alerting. “SmartCollect” for digital collections with self-serve portal and “Optimus”, an enterprise class integrated collections and recoveries platform. Telrock serves major lenders, debt buyers, processors and BPOs across Europe, Asia and North America, with offices in London: +44 (0) 020 7183 1573 and Atlanta, GA: +1-678-638-6411. 


Twitter: @Telrocktweets



Silver Stand 12

Fathom has been providing innovative solutions to a broad range of industry sectors for over 25 years including the credit services industry, insurance and finance companies, law firms and central and local government.

Powerful and flexible facilities enable configuration of the entire lifecycle of receivables management from creation of invoice or account through to litigation and enforcement.  

CaseflowFusion® provides you and your customer with a seamless and compliant journey. from account management to financial hardship. Fathom prides itself on providing exemplary support services to its customers.

CaseflowFusion® integrates with numerous technologies including Diallers, SMS, Microsoft Office, Direct Debit, SDT/Money Claims Online, Mailhouses and Payment Service providers. 




Silver Stand 13

Since its inception in 2006, the Excalibur Debt Collection Management system has provided an excellent platform for our customers in the Banking, Business, Local authorities, Legal, and Collections (DCAs) sectors to improve their overall efficiencies, grow their call centres and increase revenues. Excalibur manages your debt collection strategies and workflows, PCI compliant payments, your staff, and the communication required to ensure successful early arrears detection and debt recovery.

Excalibur is easy to use and implement. It accommodates all your call centre, administration, pre-legal and legal processes, and effortlessly handles volumes of matters at a time.

For further information contact Ian Wright at: or call 07943 321217




Bronze Stand 1

Paythru is an award-winning software-as-a-service (SAAS) online payment gateway focused on the mobile device. We provide a cost-effective collections channeloffering customers an additional way to make a payment via their mobile.

We address the consumer's demand for greater control of their finances by providing a faster and more convenient checkout process and a less intrusive form of communication, meaning consumers are more willing to make a payment there and then on receipt of the SMS.


Twitter: @paythru



Collections Marketing Center
Bronze Stand 2

CMC powers solutions from marketing and customer service, to collections, recovery, and agency management. Regardless of where you fit into the customer journey, CMC extends your view of the customer relationship to provide a 360 degree view - enabling you to deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience.  A SaaS-based solution for greater adaptability and flexibility, eliminating the need for investment in costly and quickly outdated infrastructure.  Demonstrably cost-effective, easily deployed, and offering the control and transparency needed to prove compliance in today’s regulatory environment. CMC helps clients to reimagine customer experience management.


Twitter: @cmgagile




Bronze Stand 3

Today, contact centres need to do more with less. By using TCN’s cloud-based predictive dialing tools and services, clients can leverage the most sophisticated Inbound, Outbound, and Blended calling technologies available, while maximising available resources and ROI, all without massive capital outlay or new staff. The TCN solution is a complete dialer replacement with full outbound, manual, preview, inbound, and blended functionality with no hardware, no monthly minimums or no maintenance fees.

TCN’s award winning Platform 3.0 (P3) is a multi-tenant, intuitive, Interactive Voice Communication platform that has been revolutionary for contact centers needing dialing and IVR solutions.


Twitter: @tcnworldwide



Bronze Stand 4

Since 1992, Cashbook have been applying a special blend of finance and technology expertise to maximize the automation of high volume financial transactions. Cashbook have a deep understanding of Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation functions as well as banking and ERP technologies. Cashbook allows you to re-allocate resources to higher value activities such as DSO reduction and deduction resolutions. See how the world’s most intelligent ERP and Bank integration platform, with exceptional matching capabilities, massively reduces manual work.  Get your banks and ERPs talking - trusted, tailored software from cashflow specialists.



Credit Kudos

Bronze Stand 5

Credit Kudos is a challenger credit bureau developing a Financial Behaviour Score based on real-time financial data. The company recently became the first of its kind to receive full authorisation from the FCA as a Credit Reference Agency.

Their platform enables consumers to securely share relevant information with a creditor in order to create a repayment plan or get a decision as part of an application. Combining best of breed Financial Aggregation with Knowledge-Based Question-Answering (KBQA), our tool can produce a complete Standard Financial Statement (SFS) in minutes.

With Open Banking and PSD2 opening access to debtor’s financial information, Credit Kudos have developed a turnkey solution that completely automates collection and analysis of such data.


Twitter: @creditkudos


2017 Sponsors:


Conexus Recovery and Field Services are a Debt Recovery and Field Business based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland and cover ROI, NI and UK mainland. We specialise in getting the right outcomes for both our clients and their customers. We lead the way when it comes to delivering debt recovery and field services in the UK and Ireland for both the utility and financial market. Conexus Recovery and Field Services' principle is to deliver outstanding collection services that meet our clients' needs within both the non-regulated, regulated and compliant business groups. Our clients include banks, utilities, retailers and debt purchasers. Conexus Recovery and Field Services have a team of doorstep “reconnection agents” who cover doorstep visits for both our utility and financial customers; every member of our field team has been fully vetted, including CRB checks.  


Twitter: @conexusrecovery




Fathom provides innovative software solutions to a broad range of businesses. Industry sectors include the credit services industry, law firms, central and local government, insurance and healthcare, to name a few.

Powerful and flexible facilities enable configuration of the entire lifecycle of your invoicing, credit control and collection functions and provides your customer base with a seamless and compliant journey from account management to financial hardship.

Fathom prides itself on providing exemplary support services to its customers as well as providing users with a friendly experience.

Fathom’s CaseflowFusion system integrates with numerous technologies including Diallers, SMS, Microsoft Office, Direct Debit, Money Claims Online, Mailing House and Payment Service providers.






Twitter: @GravityLondon



Motormile Finance UK Ltd

MMF is one of the largest independent debt purchase companies in the UK, buying non-performing portfolios within the specialist sectors of short term loans, motor finance and consumer retail finance. Situated in Leeds and employing c100 FTE, MMF can be relied upon as a valued & trusted partner, providing clients with exceptional service and long term commitment. MMF strives to achieve the best mutual working relationship that delivers a compliant and brand-protected environment, by blending debt purchase and collection strategies with operational excellence.




Telrock is a global technology provider of SaaS-based digital engagement solutions across the consumer credit lifecycle. Key products include: TAS for marketing, servicing and fraud, SmartCollect for digital collections with self-serve portal and Optimus, an enterprise class integrated collections and recoveries platform. Telrock serves major lenders, processors and BPOs across Europe, Asia and North America, with offices in London: +44 (0) 020 7183 1573 and Atlanta, GA: +1-678-638-6411. Email: / Web:


Twitter: @Telrocktweets




Lowell is one of Europe’s leading providers of credit management services specialising in debt recovery, data analytics and customer insight. Lowell provides expertise in debt purchasing, third party collections, business process outsourcing, credit management and e-commerce. UK operations comprise of Lowell Financial, one of the UK’s leading investors in consumer debt portfolios, Fredrickson, a major player in consumer debt servicing and Lowell Solicitors, a specialist debt recovery law firm. Lowell is well-placed to offer advice on integrated debt management strategies across the credit arrears life cycle.